We are different!

Thank goodness! It’s time to say it out loud – most language classes are contrary to the best way to learn.

  •    Most of us want to be able to understand and SPEAK in the new language.
  •    Formal memorising of grammar stops the natural learning process.
  •    Normal classes are expensive and not enjoyable

Honestly, as a child you learned how to speak by repeating what you heard. What three year old child knows what conjugating a verb is … and yet they can do it. Formal language studies are a secondary study … they are not the best way to learn to speak a new language.

It seems too easy. It is easy!

Our classes kick start this natural process by speeding up the opportunity for learn by presenting you this normal pattern of learning in an…

immersive, positive and frequent way.


We invite you to join our small classes in a lovely relaxed village in the heart of Italy. You will be immersed in village life and a lovely room.  Your teacher will invite you to kick off your shoes and put your feet up and listen to brain relaxing music.

Next, you will be read a story, and introduced to new sounds, with the teacher acting out the story which helps cue you into what the words mean. The class will read the story aloud, getting a feel for the tone and pace, and the way the words are expressed. These key words will then form a part of a sensory game. You might say “Ciao” as you catch a ball. Then we will play with the words progressing to incorporate more through the session. Catch the lemon and smell it… limone …

Moving slowly we introduce new words in context… and the word repetitions build playfully through the class session, using direct and peripheral learning. Finally winding down with a relaxation to leave the mind refreshed. The mind enjoys learning in this way and so will you.

You can trust your brain...it knows how to do this

Jennifer Gherardi...
Co-founding Director of Enjoy It

“So many children and adults study for years and have little confidence to speak!

I know from personal experience. I came top of the class when learning Italian in Australia and when I got to Italy – I just went to water and could not speak at all!

I really just wanted to go and hang out at the village kindergarden where the kids would speak slowly and not be judgemental. Then I remembered that a long time ago I had gone to  some Accelerated Learning classes teaching Japanese. I learned so much in one day and really enjoyed it.

I was desperate to learn Italian using this sort of method and so we starting building the language classes by looking for the best methods. Manuela Pelo was the perfect partner to find as she is intellectually curious.

Manuela Pelo...
Co-founding Director of Enjoy It

My interest in language has been growing in recent years while I have been helping a child with dyslexia. While I learned several languages using a progressive model at university – I could really see the gaps of formal learning in typical language programs.

There are so many reasons to have a new language school here in our town of Spello. We have a town of sincerely hospitable people who welcome visitors. I know visitors really enjoy being here and often keep coming back to Spello. They understand the longer they stay the more layers of the town are revealed. But equally I hear them say “At first we came for the town and it’s charm but now we come back for the people of Spello!”

We have a safe and friendly town which is founded on deep Roman roots but which flourishes with an energetic community who highly value re-enacting traditions, not only for their own sake but for the connections between the community.

We welcome new ideas and people to share our place here in Umbria.