Classroom Address

The terrace and special function room at

Il Trombone Restaurant
Via Fontanello 1

This lane is just off Via Giulia


When you stand on Via Giulia, this is the view to the alley (Via Fontanello I)

You will notice the fountain on the right of the lane

and on the first left you see the arched gateway – enter here into the garden and then the building.


There are easy to read signs.

Il Trombone Restaurant



Il Trombone has been there a long time and everybody knows exactly where it is… should you need to ask, locals will point you to there.

The classroom is an antique building with vaulted ceilings. They chairs lay back

for relaxation time and you can put your feet on your red box.

We like to spend lots of class time on the terrace. The view is stunning to the green valley below.

We organise a class function – where we practice speaking Italian in a restaurant. Here we are at Oleoteca which specialises in olive oil.

Summer allows for many outdoor activities – both class and social.

For special events we often invite students to join in. Here they are helping with preparing the flower petals for the Infiorata, in the central piazza.

On this rainy spring day the students were taken to the market and then a special visit to the antique library. Rarely seen and only available by arrangement.