Stacey from Denmark (individual lessons)

I really enjoyed my time with Manuela – she’s a very encouraging and well-prepared teacher. From the start she put me right at ease and let me feel comfortable enough to try to speak Italian as much as possible – even though I’m still a beginner and made plenty of mistakes, it didn’t seem to faze her and this really boosted my self-confidence. However, she also knew how to challenge me and keep me stimulated… she opened my eyes to the richness and beauty of the Italian language and left me feeling enthusiastic to continue on this journey of trying to master it.

Jane from USA (class lessons)

Recently, I took part in the “Almost Beginner” class offered by Enjoy It. Knowing that I don’t have an ear for languages, on Day One I had to be the least enthusiastic student in the class! Fortunately, our teacher Rachele made each of us feel so comfortable and soon, I was just as enthusiastic as the rest of my classmates! Enjoy It’s teaching approach is challenging but truly enjoyable at the same time. If you’re looking to take an Italian class that will definitely improve your ability and confidence to communicate in Italian – and do so in a beautiful Umbrian hill town ̶ then Enjoy It is your answer!

Michael from USA (class lessons)

First of all, as an “almost beginner”, the class provided much of what I needed. The class was very meaningful for me; and Rachele is a super teacher.

There were some practical elements regarding food, directions, getting to know people, et al. And, most importantly for me, I now know what I don’t know. 🤕 And can create for myself a follow-up course of study so the next Italian sojourn is a more fluid experience. Most of the places I visited in our subsequent wanderings were often off the beaten path so even the small amount of Italian I could use proved helpful and was appreciated by our Italian-only speaking hosts and encounters.

Marian from Dorset UK (individual lessons)

I arrived in Spello for my Italian Enjoy It lessons feeling a little nervous. I had attended classes in Bologna and Lucca, however, within minutes I knew I had found the right school for me. Professional yet relaxed. On my return to classes in England, my tutor was amazed at how my confidence and vocabulary had grown. Thank you Enjoy It, especially Rachele.

Photo left: Marian with teachers Rachele and Manuela

Josie from New York (individual lessons)

Enjoy It was a life-changing, culturally immersive experience that I will never forget. It not only provided lifelong learning techniques taught by their intelligent and caring instructor, but also lifelong friends. I am a beginner Italian student and have struggled with the traditional forms of learning for several years – the Enjoy It team provided a unique, immersive, and culturally relevant program that ultimately allowed me to accelerate my Italian learning even in just a two week period. I certainly do hope to return soon and would highly recommend this amazing program to anyone interested in the Italian language and culture!

Photo left: Teacher Manuela with Josie

Kristin from Dallas (class lessons)

Enjoy It classes were a wonderful experience! The small class size was ideal and the non-book approach to learning a language was perfect!
I walked away with a solid base of knowledge to move forward on my road to further learning!

Photo left: Teacher Manuela with Kristin

Annette from Surrey (individual lessons)

I was very fortunate to be able to have some one to one conversation lessons with Manuela.
I have to admit I was a little apprehensive, with one to one lessons there is nowhere to hide……I need not have worried, Manuela was very patient and gave me plenty of encouragement. It was good fun and in just three sessions I learned a lot and gained a friend…..perfect.

Kathy from Manchester (class lessons)

The entire experience of spello was magical. Despite having to concentrate for many hours a day with familiar and new material. Your methodology of positive affirmation definitely works. I feel energised and refreshed, especially for taking time for more learning. The Oleoteca lunch was superb. The painting session was relaxing, informative and inspirational with a brilliant tutor. Our group worked so well together! Thanks specially to Rachele for her hard work and patience.

Sarah from Macerata Universtiy (class lessons)

I had a wonderful time in the classes, and I definitely found myself more comfortable speaking in Italian conversationally – now i just have to work on transferring that to my day to day life!